Thanks for your interest. We are happy to make you as welcome as possible.

Our Mission is encapsulated by the following statement: “We are a community committed to excellence in the business of professional speaking.” And our Vision is summarised as: “We see a world where our ideas give everyone the opportunity to excel.”

It might be useful to know a little more about what we do and how we help those that want to turn a passion for presenting into a successful business.

Our members are people who already (or want to) make ‘money by mouth.’ We all train, speak, coach, facilitate and in some way use the spoken word as a major part of how we deliver our message, create value for our audience and create our incomes.

Like any business it takes work and commitment but our association exists to provide the tools and encouragement to our members to excel and to build that business – the business of speaking.

“I earned six figures in my first year speaking thanks in no small way to the support and generosity of NSANZ and its members”  

– Bill James, Certified Speaking Professional.

If you feel such a business is your goal, you will find a wealth of information available and a like-minded tribe to share the journey with who will understand this strange business – because often even our life partners do not! Your tribe will show you some short cuts, warn you about the traps in the path and generally support you when you need it. But don’t worry, it is not all one way – you will get you chance to help carry someone else’s pack along the way.

Explore our website and if you want more detail on what members receive look at our Become a Member.

Or if you have any questions, please Contact Us

See do not be shy. Say hello and start your journey in the company of friends that know the road and will act as a guide.