Educator of the Year 2020

Guidelines and Requirements

As the national association of speaking professionals, including professional speakers, presenters, trainers, entertainers and MCs in New Zealand, NSANZ may acknowledge members by way of national awards.

NB: Although deemed annual, individual awards may not be made in any given year at the judges’ discretion.

Eligibility Criteria

This award acknowledges presenters who have continued to reach diverse groups with deep through diverse methodology over many years in Keynote Presentations, both large & small group workshops, and one to one work.

Nominees and Awardees are an essential core of the speaking industry – people who play a variety of roles with diverse clients. Often there is a breadth of experience of presenting to different cultures and demographics. Nominees have a broad experience and can work equally as well with top-level corporate groups, education groups and community groups.

The Educator of the Year is a learner, teacher, designer and deliverer of educational experiences of consistently high quality and originality.

Please submit the following information in no more than two pages covering five areas.

1. History – Brief run-down of the years you have been an educator and the diversity of the groups you have worked with

2. Philosophy – Why you educate the way you educate

3. Methodology – Your fields of knowledge when it comes to teaching and learning

4. Accomplishments – Some of the projects and moments that demonstrate your work at its best and three brief examples of the depth and breadth of your work

5. Product Piece – one example of your work that you would like the judges to view (a book, manual, promo piece, podcast, DVD slide show)

Eligible candidates for this award will:

• Be an Accredited Member, Professional Member or CSP-accredited member of NSANZ

• Have been speaking / presenting / training / facilitating professionally for more than 3 years prior to the award entry deadline

• Have been a full financial member of the Association for a minimum of three calendar months prior to the award entry deadline.

• Demonstrate high levels of professional eloquence, expertise, enterprise and ethics

• Consistently derive presentation-related income on an ongoing basis in their own right as a result of any combination of speaking, presenting, facilitating, training, and/or coaching

• Be demonstrably committed to their own professional development, the development of the speaking profession nationally and/or internationally, and supportive of NSANZ.

If you deliver public events rather than being engaged by a client include the names and phone numbers of at least 3 other event attendees (i.e. not included as part of the 3 referees noted above) that attended an event you delivered no earlier than 12 months prior to the awards entry deadline who are willing to be contacted regarding your award entry.

Contribution to/Support of NSANZ and/or the wider Speaking Profession (if appropriate.)


• Your service/contribution to NSANZ and/or the wider speaking industry/profession in the 12 months prior to the entry deadline

• Your service/contribution to NSANZ and/or the wider speaking industry/profession in previous years

• Your attendance at NSANZ or other professional development events in the 12 months prior to the awards entry deadline Level of Accreditation State what level of accreditation you have and the year you attained it. Unedited video clip of you presenting within the past year Include a link to an unedited video clip of you presenting in front of a genuine audience (not an audience set up specifically to create the footage. Footage should run from the beginning of the introduction of you as speaker through to you leaving the platform where possible. Although no minimum duration of presentation is prescribed, a presentation of between 20 and 60 minutes duration is encouraged. For longer presentations, for example footage taken from a 1-2 day training programme, submit 3 x 20 minutes segments of you presenting.

Entry Process & Deadline

• Entries are self-nominated. No nominee or seconder is required.

• Candidates may enter multiple award categories where they meet required eligibility criteria.

• Entry Format – Candidates may format their entry in any way they wish so long as it includes the required information set out in each category and is in Electronic Format Only as entries will be accessed by the judges via Dropbox.

• The overall quality/professionalism of the electronic entry will be taken into account as part of judging process.

• Every part of a candidate’s entry must be accessible electronically by the judges. Electronic attachments and/or hyperlinks to documents or other media in or on your own website, Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube etc. should be used. Candidates should ensure all attachments, hyperlinks or other supporting material work effectively as these will not be checked by the Awards Convenor

• Entries submitted in hard-copy or on CD or DVD shall be deemed invalid and will not be forwarded to judges.

‘Presentation-related income’ is defined as:

• Specific monetary fees paid by a client for the speaker’s services.

• Fees earned as a result of public events/sessions delivered by the speaking professional.

• Revenue earned from sales of the speaking professional’s own or others’ products, including workbooks, handouts and other material or services, as a direct result of the presentation in addition to a monetary fee.

• Revenue earned from sales of the speaker’s own or others’ products or services at the event from payment or orders taken on the day.

Presentation-related income exclusions:

• Revenue generated as a result of sales by way of websites, book-stores or any other channel, outlet or media other than a direct presentation are NOT considered ‘presentation related income’ and are specifically excluded.

• Payment or reimbursement of travel expense, accommodation expenses, or any other form of remuneration or compensation other than by the ways outlined in ‘presentation-related income’ above are ineligible in terms of meeting the criteria for revenue earnings/payment of fee(s). ENTRY

DEADLINE: There are two dates that you should be aware of:

1. Date of Notification of Application for an Award

2. Date of Submission of your Application for an Award


Before you submit your application for the NSANZ Educator of the Year 2019 Award, we need you to notify the Awards Convenor that you are wanting to apply. This will allow the Awards Convenor to set up the necessary online folders and other documentation necessary for your application, without putting undue pressure on the team.

Please note the following deadlines:

Deadline Date for Notification of Applications: Friday 17th January 2020

Deadline Time: 4.00 pm NZST

Send entry via email to: (Awards Convenor)

Notifications received after 4.00 pm on the day of the deadline shall be deemed invalid and will not be forwarded to judges.


Notification of entry/entries must be received in electronic format by the NSANZ in the allocated Dropbox for the Award no later than the time specified below on the day of the deadline. Once the submission has been uploaded to Dropbox please notify the Convenor.

The National Awards Convenor shall acknowledge, via email, receipt of the entry/entries.

Deadline Date for Notification of Applications: Friday 24th January 2020

Deadline Time: 4.00 pm NZST

Send entry via email to: (Awards Convenor)

• Entries received after 4.00 pm on the day of the deadline shall be deemed invalid and will not be forwarded to judges.

• Any pre-submission queries should be directed to the Awards Convenor via email prior not less than 24 hours prior to the award entry deadline. Queries received less than 24 hours prior to the award entry deadline may not be answered.

• No correspondence with entrants will be entered into after the deadline for entries has passed.