February 23 - 09:00 pm


February 26 - 11:45 pm

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National Speakers Association of New Zealand


SKYCITY Auckland

Victoria Street & Federal Street, Auckland, Auckland 1010

Auckland, Auckland, NZ, 1010

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the Super Early Bird Registrations have closed, you can still register to attend the Global Speakers Summit by visiting Details of the speakers across all four days canb be found there. Alternatively, if you want to attend the Corporate day on the 23rd of February, please visit where you will find out about the 17 thought leaders from 10+ countries that will be sharing their wisdom. Like our Facebook page at for more information on the event and the presenters.


We are pleased to announce the 2018 Global Speaking Summit (GSS) is to be held in Auckland New Zealand from February 23 – 26 2018.

From Leader to Legacy:  A Global Journey

As a member of your local Speakers Association, you are ‘NOT’ a speaker, MC, Trainer or Coach. You are a Global Thought Leader. Consider our global family who on average speaks to around 3,000 people each per year. Each person has influence over 350 main people during their lifetime, which means that during your career you personally significantly influence millions of people. This is a huge gift and responsibility. With the world in confusion with ‘celebrity Presidents’, politicians people have lost faith in, and a constant focus on extremists and other issues in the world, where is the shining light. YOU.. are the ones we have been waiting for. Our collective associations are providing hope, direction, best practices and leadership for generations and that is our GSS 2018 focus.

To be that, you need to be the best versions of yourself, so our event will focus on de-engineering and re-engineering you and your business so that you can move from Leader to Legacy and so that our profession can flourish. Think back thousands of years. It was the great orators, Socrates, Plato, Pythaogoras who are remembered alongside the great Kings and Queens and Generals. This is truly what you can achieve.

Our team is meeting to finalise the Auckland venue in early March and we are putting the finishing touches to the website and speakers application site. We aim to be live by late March, both to open event registration and speaker applications through on-line systems. For those of you wondering if you should join us at the Summit, let me just say that we are bringing to you the latest best practices in learning, marketing, selling from the stage, positioning, branding, stage craft and of course productisation. When you leave this Summit you will be years ahead.   You will have made the right decision to be part of this Global Legacy.

NOTE: If you are not a Member of NSANZ or your local Association that is part of the Global Speakers Federation, then your Super Early-Bird price will be locked at NZ$1,195.00