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NSANZ Auckland Monthly Meeting for January 2018


Do you want to have a successful event?


If you are contemplating organizing a public event, you want to make sure that you have ALL your bases covered.


With the Global Speakers Summit only 4 weeks away, we will take you through the learning lessons that you can apply to YOUR business.  By attending this hands-on event, you will learn the following:

1)      How to cover your costs by getting partnerships in place

2)      The check-list for the venue

3)      The do’s and don’ts surrounding your AV requirements

4)      The power of detailed run-sheet

5)      Information on the use of videos and music in a public event

6)      The power of affiliate marketing

7)      The easiest ways to market your event

8)      The power of Eventbrite as a back-engine


Join our facilitator, Elias Kanaris, who has been trained by the John Maxwell Team in organising and running public events.  Whether running intimate workshops for 40 people or hosting over 2,000 in the room, Elias will apply his experience and breakdown the step-by-step processes that you will benefit from.


Bring your pen and paper for this exciting session and make sure that you take heaps of notes!



Whether you are a new speaker or have been in the industry for quite some time, this meeting is for you! Come along for free as a member or free as a first, second and third time guest! We know that these meetings will connect you with some awesome people, rocking the speaking world as well as equip you with some new insights that will truly help your speaking business to excel!

If you have any issues booking your ticket please contact the NSANZ Secretrary at