July 10


06:30 pm - 09:30 pm

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National Speakers Association of New Zealand


George Hotel

50 Park Terrace, Christchurch

Christchurch, NZ

In our July meeting:
Hot Tips and Recommendations, How to wow your audience One of the key arts and skills of the speaker is to wow your audience, wow to inspire, wow to be memorable, wow to shift thinking once your audience leaves the auditorium. Perhaps we have been wowed in the room at some stage or perhaps ;under wowed. MC Martz Witty will frame the evening with tips and tricks from his 20 year plus speaking career including learning nuggets from what did not go quite to plan!
Kau Papa (introductory) speech from Paul Haggath Here we will be introduced to Paul. If you were in the room June 12 with Battle of the Bards you will have seen Paul in full swing there as speaker 1, he did a fine job.
Watch out, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Beaming In. A CSP will beam in from NSANZ Auckland Chapter with their perspectives from the journey of speaking in how to wow the stage. In Auckland we have ten CSPs in NSANZ, the highest accreditation for speakers in NSANZ.
Impromptu Slot We have some fun here with some impromptu speaking slots and immediate feedback. Sit back and hope it will / will not be you!
TEDx Slot Ralph Brown – our very own Christchurch based CSP – will dissect a well followed TEDx speech. What the speaker did well and why it worked as well as what we will use from it ourselves in the future.