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How to make an Impact through using the stage as your vehicle

Are you thinking of becoming a speaker, or even wanting to take your speaking career to the next level?

Perhaps you’re simply wanting to get a glimpse in to the speaking industry, but unsure where to start.  Wherever you may be on your journey, the National Speakers Association is here to support you.  It’s what we’re about!

As this is our inaugural conference, we’re pulling out all the stops to provide the biggest, shiniest speaking conference in NZ history (or at least that’s what we’re hoping to do!).  We’re bringing some superstar speakers from all over the globe just to serve YOU, and each have promised to bring their A-Game to ensure you get massive value for your investment.

Our theme, ‘Your Voice, Your Impact’ has been handpicked to highlight the ways in which you can share your story, your message, or your information with the world. Full of practical ideas, lessons learnt from NZ and international speakers, shortcuts to success, and much, much more – we’re super excited to be able to extend this invite to you.

Registrations are now open – get in early as we may sell out as tickets are limited.

Or here is a sneak peak of some of our amazing speakers!




At this workshop, being held on Friday 1st of March, you will discover the single most important differentiator that will separate you from everyone else who does what you do…your “Expert Insights”.

What are your “Expert Insights”?

This is the hidden wisdom that only you can provide. It’s that unique spin on your expertise that makes you appear to be profoundly different from everyone else who does what you do…that’s what you’ll discover in this workshop.

Find out how Michelle Pascoe, CSP, from Sydney Australia did over $100,000 in business from one presentation using these techniques. Discover how Betty-Anne Howard from Canada did $2,000,000 of new business in one month. Witness first-hand the information that helped our very own, home-grown CSP, Cam Calkoen get more standing ovations and new speaking engagements using this system.

But don’t take our word for it, check out the information on the website co1nz.com. The investment is normally US$1,000, but you can lock it in for only NZ$497 (inclusive of GST!). But wait, there’s more…. If you register before midnight on Friday 15th of February, you can qualify for an additional US$3,400 of bonus items. To find out more visit www.co1nz.com NOW.


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We can’t wait to serve you in March and have you share in our inaugural excitement!!

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