Speaker Cafe-Monthly

Each month the NSANZ team provides a deep-dive into a particular topic relevant to the speaking industry.  

This topic is facilitated by some of New Zealand’s best presenters and speakers allowing all members to spend time investigating, developing and creating new components for their business.  This is a unique format which allows members the ability to seek clarity on topics and work together to create new and exciting content that really helps their business.  

The main focus for this session is to allow time to explore and dig into a topic to get deeper understanding. To spend practical time working on our businesses with other speakers around us.  

Please note this session is recorded so it can be viewed if you cannot attend.  This enables our membership to return to topics that are needed through our online portal.  These incredible sessions really improve your business.

Please note these sessions are for members only.  There are no visitor opportunities for these sessions.  

Click here to view our event calendar for the future meeting dates.