Global Speakers’ Summit in December

The Summit will have superb world-class programming.  You’ll be entertained.  You’ll have excellent food.  You’ll enjoy the fabulous hotel, in the fabulous city of Vancouver.  You’ll have the opportunity to meet professional speakers from around the world.  It’ll be 3 days well spent.

But, there are compelling reasons why you should invest your time and money to be in Vancouver December 8 to 10 this year. The theme of this year’s Global Speakers Summit is: Revolutions. Upheavals. Choices.

Think about it. Our planet is in the throes of political, social, moral, business and ecological convulsions.

Is your message, your expertise still relevant? For whom? How do you know?

Want to find out, for sure? Want to find out what you may be missing? Want to find out how your business can truly serve the world, now and in the future?

Why should you be there?

  • Keynoters, trainers, and facilitators who are serious about their careers all know that they and their business are affected by world events.
  • Speaking professionals, who are serious about having an impact, will be there to discuss world events and world speaking.
  • Whether you are a speaker, trainer, consultant, writer, facilitator or internet wizard, we are a part of a movement that matters; we are a force for good and the planet needs us to act now.
  • Avoid becoming irrelevant. This summit will help you increase your impact, globally.

As your marketing, sales & communication representative for the Summit, I recommend that you check out the Global Speakers Summit website and register today!

NSAA Australia Feb 2014 


  • Going Overseas – How to successfully crack overseas markets
  • Going Virtual – How to speak virtually at conferences
  • Going Tribal online – How to build a tribe of fans and monetise your database
  • Getting Awesome – How to deliver rockstar presentations
  • Getting Famous – How to become more famous
  • Getting Leveraged – how to grow, expand, licence and build a bigger business

  • For a NSANZ member we are offering full registration to the convention, in addition we will also give those who register by 1 December 2013 all of the Friday workshops (valued at AUD$195) and the fee for this is AUD $960  (Just FYI National Speakers members are currently paying AUD $1445 for this).

The Monday workshops are $250 AUD

Please encourage others to sign up – This is a gathering of all the speaking tribes – ALL welcome!

The Convention program is looking GREAT.

This will be NSAA’s first Hybrid convention – several presenters will be doing virtual presentations from Europe & USA.

A few Quick reminders:

  • Book your accommodation EARLY (Friday is Valentine’s night  Feb 14).
  • Register for the AIME conference as soon as available – (Mon Networking night & Tues Saxtons)
  • Convention Website is being updated and will start to showcase the program soon –

SPEAKER SUPPORT PROGRAM – bring your PA/Assistant

A highlight this year will be the speaker support stream – If you have ANY staff that assist with admin, finance, booking,

Web backend, speaker sales or promotion – then bring them along to conference for a special program designed just for them.

Topics will include: tips for success as a Speakers PA, Outsourcing, Online marketing for speakers, Efficiency tips with Donna.